AMX is the leading Smartsheet Solution Partner

Smartsheet trainings and process implementation: On site in your company

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AMX is the leading Smartsheet Solution Partner

Smartsheet licences and premium apps procurement

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Services for Smartsheet

Our experts support you along the whole implementation process.

Smartsheet Account Setup

We collect your requirements and create the perfect Smartsheet Account. In addition to it we migrate all your existing data and setup the processes and responsibilities in Smartsheet. Consequently, you can directly start with a fully functional Smartsheet account and leverage all Smartsheet benefits.

Smartsheet Trainings and Best Practice Workshops

We train your employees, regardless of whether they are new starters, experts or trainers themselves. We make sure, that Smartsheet delivers joy to your team-mates and saves them time. We create tailor-made Smartsheet trainings for you – from the Smartsheet basics to advanced reports and automation of workflows. Every participant will get an official Smartsheet certificate in the end.

Smartsheet Consulting and Process Implementation

We analyse and optimize your existing and planned processes. Afterwards we implement these in Smartsheet. At the same time we empower your internal Smartsheet experts so that they are able to adapt the process on their own if needed. Moreover, we guide you through the change management aspects of a Smartsheet introduction.

Smartsheet Licences and Premium Apps

We are official reseller of Smartsheet licences and premium apps. We are offering everything from Control Center, Accelerators, pivot tables and Dynamic View.

Leading brands implement Smartsheet with us

Benefits of Smartsheet

Scientific studies have shown the extrem productivity improvements with Smartsheet.

300 hours per year is the average time a business leader saves due to improved productivity

The business impact of Smartsheet is significantly

The Total Economic Impact™ of Smartsheet study conducted by Forrester Consulting found that managers will save 1.5 hours each week, together with the ability to make better decisions. Moreover, the productivity of the manager and his team will improve by 15%. And last but not least, there will be greater incremental revenue of around 15%, because a project will be faster completed and a new product faster in the market.

Businesses of all sizes see big time savings after implementing Smartsheet. Not only do business leaders realize improved productivity, but their entire organization — including both internal and external stakeholders — saves time due to improved collaboration.

Download the report here

Smartsheet Trainings and Workshops

Our experts have trained Smartsheet users across all industries. We adapt all our trainings to your individual needs and make sure you can leverage all Smartsheet advantages.

Use Smartsheet after only 1 -2 days of training

Smartsheet basic training for all employees

Every team member needs to get the 1-2 days Smartsheet basic training to be able to work with Smartsheet. This training is also known as the Smartsheet 101:

  • Individual account setup and Smartsheet personal settings
  • Smartsheet Navigation
  • Creating and working with Smartsheet projects and folders
  • Creating and working with tasks: Start and due dates, assignees, tags, attachements
  • How to use Smartsheet notifications
  • Deleting of tasks and projects
  • Migration of daily work, workflows and processes into Smartsheet

Result: Every team member is able to work with Smartsheet and to handle assigned projects and tasks.

Increase your productivity further with Smartsheet and learn secret features

Smartsheet expert training

At least 2 people per team should participate in this training. It will take 2 days. This training is also known as the Smartsheet 201:

  • Special column types with various use cases
  • Advanced formulas, functions, nested if statements
  • Smartsheet search and reporting for experts
  • Gantt charts best practices
  • Specific department workflows
  • How to organize a work day with Smartsheet
  • Popular apps and mobile Smartsheet app best practices
  • Importing and exporting
  • Syncing other software to Smartsheet, e.g. Microsoft Office and Outlook, Salesforce or Slack

Result: Your experts know all important features in Smartsheet to save a lot of work and execute projects more effective.

Become a Smartsheet Power User and support your colleagues

Smartsheet Champion training

At least one person in every team needs to become an Smartsheet Champion. The training lasts 4 hours.

  • How to support the change process to implement Smartsheet successfully in the whole company
  • How to create a Smartsheet adoption plan
  • How to motivate colleagues and win stakeholders for Smartsheet
  • How to train new employees in Smartsheet
  • Further Smartsheet Best Practices

Result: Your Smartsheet Champions are a driving force to enable the change process to an agile management company. They are able to motivate and educate fellow coworkers.

Benefit from our Smartsheet experience across all industries

Smartsheet best practice workshop

You want to improve your team's Smartsheet usage in just one day. Then our Smartsheet best practice workshop is the best fit for you. In an initial phase we collect your team's specific challenges and needs. Afterwards, we will explain you the Smartsheet best practices for these challenges based on our year-standing Smartsheet and agile management experience.

Along the way we will teach your team also needed Smartsheet features which will help under your circumstances.

Result: In the end of the day, you will have solved your team's individual Smartsheet challenges and your team members can work even more effectively on projects.

Automate your work at large scale

Smartsheet Control Center training and implementation

The Control Center is the premium addon by Smartsheet.

  • Automatic deployment of projects including all linked dashboards, reports and overviews
  • Subsequent changing of columns and cells
  • Automatic sharing with the right shareholders
  • Automatic linking of new projects to existing reports and overview

Result: Your employees save days of work and mistakes from manual copying and linking are prevented.

What our clients say about us

AMX is one of our best Solution Partner worldwide. Countless German and Swiss companies have implemented Smartsheet successfully with AMX help. Therefore, they could immediately benefit from the benefits and saved a lot of money and time.

Mike Arntz

Mike Arntz

Chief Revenue Officer at Smartsheet

I manage a department of around 40 employees with different teams. In the beginning we not even had unified tools within the teams. Sebastian collected the requirements and wishes from every team and showed them how the software will help them. He set up the account and trained most of my people in person. Especially well was the concept of champions and power users, he trained some team members to lead users who could train other employees by themselves. Moreover, I found it very helpful that he defined guidelines with all the teams.

Mario Märzinger

VP Marketing at Home24, now REWE Group

Sebastian is a great coach and consultant! He has done an outstanding coaching for the Wefox employees on best practices. He is very professional and had always an answer to all our questions. Implementation, process organization, usage examples and structuring - these are some of many topics that we have discussed in the training. Thanks a lot Sebastian, we enjoyed the work with you very much.

Roman Matyushkin

Recruitment and Employee Development Manager at Wefox

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