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We are the official Smartsheet Solutions Partner in Germany. We support you across the whole process from evaluation to final implementation. We are an authorized reseller, so you can talk directly to our team to ask questions and to buy Smartsheet. After the purchase our experts are happy to support you with on-site training in your offices. If you are considering to buy or to implement Smartsheet within your company, we should talk.

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#1 goal setting framework used by Google

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

Existing goal setting in companies is broken. The Truth is, many of us are setting goals wrong. Moreover, most of us do not set goals at all. 2 of 3 companies fail to communicate their goals consistently even though studies found that clearly defined goals that are written down and shared freely, is the single most important factor for employee engagement.

Since 1999 Google became the 2nd most valuable company in the world and they are powered by OKRs right from the beginning. OKRs were invented at Intel and made them the most successful chip company.

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We have introduced Asana in many SMBs and corporations since 2013. Moreover, we have been invited to as speaker to Asana events and shared Asana best practices from various industries. If you are considering to implement Asana within your company, we should talk.

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Why us

Because every 3. software implementation fails - succeed with us.

The only official Smartsheet Solution Partner in Germany

We have implemented collaboration and work execution platforms like Smartsheet since 2013. Moreover, we are the only provider of official trainings and certifications for Smartsheet. Our founder is the only Solution Certified Smartsheed User in Germany. Don't you want to work with the best?

Longstanding cross-industry experience

We have introduced Smartsheet, OKRs and Asana in different industries like e-commerce, offline retail and production. We have guided companies of all sizes - from startups, to hidden champions in the German mid tier and at major corporations.

Challenge accepted

We have seen and solved the typical challenges when you introduce a new methodology or software: We help you to convince the most important stakeholders. We migrate your existing data and processes. We motivate your employees.


Every one of our services is always adapted to your specific situation. We assess your situation, determine the best solution and reach it together with you. Moreover, we tell you which industry best practices are a fit for you.

Successful brands trust us

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You are not sure which project management tool is right for you? You want to implement Smartsheet or Asana in your company? You do not know how to win every stakeholder? Our team will explain you how and guide you through the implementation process.

Account Setup

We collect your requirements and create the perfect Smartsheet or Asana Account. In addition to it we setup the processes and responsibilities. Consequently, you can directly start with a fully functional tool set and enjoy all benefits.

Trainings and Best Practice Workshops

We train your employees, regardless of whether they are new starters, experts or trainers themselves. We create tailor-made trainings for you – from the basics to automatic creation of gantt charts and reports. Only with professional onsite trainings you will benefit from all advantages. Every participant will get a certificate in the end.

Process optimization

We set up your processes in Smartsheet. Moreover, we will optimize existing processes. Consequently, you are saving a lot of time and money.


Can I buy Smartsheet from the Agile Management Experts?

Yes you can. We are the only official reseller for Smartsheet in Germany. Just give us a call or send us an email and we help you with the purchase.

Asana is much easier to learn than other work and project management tools - why do I need a consulting and training firm?

Every 3. software implementation fails. Mostly this happens, because the why and the how of the change is badly communicated and the employees do not support the new software because they do not understand the context. In addition, it also happens that a software does not match with the requirements or is not enough updated to the customer.

Is Agile Management Experts certified?

Yes. We are the only official systems integrator partner from Smartsheet in Germany. More details and references on request.

Do you provide assessments and certification for my employees?

Yes we do. Every of our trainings can be finished with an online knowledge test for your employees, so you have an automated and immediate analysis how well your workforce is trained. We also provide individual as well as company certifications.

Isn't project management the same like 5 or 10 years ago?

No. Your industry has dramatically changed. The digital transformation has disrupted your business environment and your work style. Your projects have changed. A project manager needs to be faster and handle more complex projects. The way to manage a project has to be adapted to be successful.

How much training does my team need?

This completely depends on your objectives and current status quo. How much digital software and project management experience do your team members have? Shall everyone be able to lead a project or just contribute? Do you need to connect Asana or Slack to other software tools or do you need to create automated workflows? Whatever your objective is, we make sure that already after a couple of hours of training, every person will be have understood the value of Asana and Slack, will be motivated and able to work with them.


I manage a department of around 40 employees with different teams. In the beginning we not even had unified tools within the teams. Sebastian collected the requirements and wishes from every team and showed them how Asana will help them. He set up the account and trained most of my people in person. Especially well was the concept of Asana Champions, he trained some team members to lead users who could train other employees by themselves. Moreover, I found it very helpful that he defined Asana guidelines with all the teams.

Mario Märzinger

VP Marketing at Home24, now REWE Group

We tried a lot of tools – we started with Trello, Wunderlist and Google Docs.
Nothing really worked out. Asana was quite intuitive, but we did not have the time to think in detail about how we might structure our processes into Asana.
Sebastian was with us in person and set up the account, including recurring tasks and clear responsibilities. My team had much more fun at work afterwards and I had a much better overview for myself.

Jens Disselhoff

CEO at Outline

Sebastian is a great Asana coach and consultant! He has done an outstanding coaching for the Wefox employees on best practices with Asana. He is very professional and had always an answer to all our questions. Implementation, process organization, usage examples and structuring - these are some of many topics that we have discussed in the training. Thanks a lot Sebastian, we enjoyed the work with you very much.

Roman Matyushkin

Recruitment and Employee Development Manager at Wefox

Sebastian has helped my team greatly by conducting a kickoff workshop with Asana and showing us how to use the tool most efficiently. He was able to tackle all objections and show how Asana is a better solution than the tools people had been using until then. By now everybody in the team is a committed Asana user which has improved efficiency and transparency in all our processes and helps everyone to manage their workload better and keep a good overview.

Kristoff Köpke

Head of Performance Marketing at Simplesurance GmbH

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