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Asana implementation, consulting, training and certification: On-site in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

We are the only Asana Certified Pro in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Asana Certified Pro in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Services for Asana

Asana Consulting

You are not sure if Asana is the right tool for you? You want to implement Asana in your company? But you do not know how to win every stakeholder? Our team will explain you how and can guide you through the meetings.

Asana Account Setup

We collect your requirements and create the perfect Asana Workspace/Account. In addition to it we setup the processes and responsibilities in Asana. Consequently, you do not need to do anything and you can directly start with a fully functional Asana.

Asana Trainings and Best Practice Workshops

We train your employees, regardless of whether they are new starters, experts or trainers themselves – we make sure, that Asana delivers joy to your team-mates and saves them time. We create tailor-made trainings for you – from the Asana basics to automatic creation of gantt charts and reports. Every participant will get an certificate in the end.

Asana Health Check

Your Asana workspace/account is a mess or just not really optimized? There are no guidelines or agreed processes? Your employees use Asana very differently? Due dates and important tasks get lost? Roadmaps and dashboards are missing? We audit your workspace and create a measurement catalogue to fix issues.

Asana Champion on demand

You have too many projects for just a few project members? You need a fully skilled project manager right now who can not only execute in time and budget, but also teach your employees project management tools and methods as well as Asana? We have the right Asana Champion for you.

Tailor-made Asana plugins

Your company will very likely have specific needs for reporting and other functions. Our experienced developer team will build tailor-made Asana plugins for you.

Examples how we empowered our clients

Trainings and Asana Champions at Harry’s

Harry's is the leading company for shaving delivery in the USA. They own a factory in Thuringia, Germany, where they produce millions of razors every year. If you buy a private label razor in DM, Rossmann or Lidl, chances are high, they were produced in this factory. In 2017, Asana was introduced to the German factory and our team trained around 100 employees from the Asana basics, over custom fields to automated gantt charts. We also empowered five employees to become Asana Champions. They train new colleagues themselves and encourage the change process.

Governance Workshop at Basware

Basware is a global operating company with more than 1.800 employees and the whole marketing team organizes their work with Asana. When all these people work within Asana, but work not in the same city or even continent, you need some guidelines to ensure everyone uses Asana in a similar way. Within one day we made sure that the team agreed on a governance which not only ensured a friction-less collaboration, but also more fun in working together. For this reason, Basware was featured as world wide best practice in terms of Asana governance.

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Account Audit at Home24

Home24 is the leading online shop for home&living equipment. Half the company was working with Asana, but of course many people in a different way. We analyzed their account for mistakes and lost potential. After a thorough analysis, we conducted 1on1 coachings with the team leads and improved their Asana usage a lot. Consequently, they needed less time to maintain Asana and had less friction in their cross-department collaboration.

Further selected clients

387% ROI when using Asana to manage work

The business impact of Asana

The Total Economic Impact™ of Asana study conducted by Forrester Consulting found that companies see a 387% ROI when using Asana to manage their work. This basically means, that Asana pays for itself in less than three months

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Asana enables teams to execute projects much more effectively

What our clients say about us

I manage a department of around 40 employees with different teams. In the beginning we not even had unified tools within the teams. Sebastian collected the requirements and wishes from every team and showed them how Asana will help them. He set up the account and trained most of my people in person. Especially well was the concept of Asana Champions, he trained some team members to lead users who could train other employees by themselves. Moreover, I found it very helpful that he defined Asana guidelines with all the teams.

Mario Märzinger

VP Marketing at Home24, now REWE Group

We tried a lot of tools – we started with Trello, Wunderlist and Google Docs.
Nothing really worked out. Asana was quite intuitive, but we did not have the time to think in detail about how we might structure our processes into Asana.
Sebastian was with us in person and set up the account, including recurring tasks and clear responsibilities. My team had much more fun at work afterwards and I had a much better overview for myself.

Jens Disselhoff

CEO at Outline

Sebastian is a great Asana coach and consultant! He has done an outstanding coaching for the Wefox employees on best practices with Asana. He is very professional and had always an answer to all our questions. Implementation, process organization, usage examples and structuring - these are some of many topics that we have discussed in the training. Thanks a lot Sebastian, we enjoyed the work with you very much.

Roman Matyushkin

Recruitment and Employee Development Manager at Wefox

Sebastian has helped my team greatly by conducting a kickoff workshop with Asana and showing us how to use the tool most efficiently. He was able to tackle all objections and show how Asana is a better solution than the tools people had been using until then. By now everybody in the team is a committed Asana user which has improved efficiency and transparency in all our processes and helps everyone to manage their workload better and keep a good overview.

Kristoff Köpke

Head of Performance Marketing at Simplesurance GmbH

Asana Trainings and Workshops

Asana beginner training for all employees

Every team member needs to get the one day beginner training to be able to work with Asana:

  • Individual account setup and settings
  • Navigation
  • Creating and working with projects
  • Creating and working with tasks: Start and due dates, assignees, tags, attachements
  • How to use My Tasks and the Inbox
  • Deleting vs. archiving of tasks and projects
  • Migration of daily work into Asana

Result: Every team member is able to work with Asana and to handle assigned projects.

Asana expert training

At least 2 people per team should participate in this 4 hour training:

  • Custom Fields with various use cases
  • Asana search and reporting for experts
  • Gantt charts with Instagantt
  • Specific department workflows
  • How to organize a work day with Asana
  • Chrome Extension and mobile app best practices
  • CSV importer
  • Calender Sync and time tracking
  • Syncing other software to Asana, e.g. Microsoft Office and Outlook, Salesforce or Slack

Result: Your experts know all important features in Asana to save a lot of work and execute projects more effective.

Asana team lead training

Every team lead should participate in the Asana team lead training instead of the Asana expert training. The training also lasts 4 hours.

  • The content is an adapted version of the Asana expert training with a strong focus on how to manage a team with Asana.
  • How to run reports about the team's work
  • How to follow-up with important projects and tasks
  • How to run effective 1on1s and meetings with Asana

Result: Your team leads can effectively manage their teams and utilize all important Asana features.

Asana Champion training

At least one person in every team needs to become an Asana Champion. The training lasts 4 hours.

  • How to support the change process to implement Asana successfully in the whole company
  • How to create an Asana adoption plan
  • How to motivate colleagues and win stakeholders for Asana
  • How to train new employees in Asana
  • Further Asana Best Practices

Result: Your Asana Champions are a driving force to enable the change process to an agile management company. They are able to motivate and educate fellow coworkers.

Benefit from our Asana experience across all industries

Asana best practices workshop

You want to improve your team's Asana usage in just one day. Then our best practice workshop is the best fit for you. In an initial phase we collect your team's specific challenges and needs. Afterwards, we will explain you the best practices for these challenges based on our year-standing Asana and agile management experience.

Along the way we will teach your team also needed Asana features which will help under your circumstances.

In the end of the day, you will have solved your team's individual Asana challenges and your team members can work even more effectively on projects.

Asana Governance and Conventions workshop

Every department needs to agree on a convention how to use Asana to ensure frictionless work and a sustainable implementation. This workshops usually takes one day.

  • We gather how your colleagues are using Asana
  • We moderate the process which leads to an agreement
  • Examples are who can create and change a project; who can edit due dates on a task from the supervisor; who can edit templates and where are they saved; which communication happens in Asana and which in Email and other tools

Result: Your teams have a shared understanding of how to use Asana and committed to a written convention.

#1 goal setting framework

Asana Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) workshop

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) is the most successful goal setting framework. It was first used by Intel and later introduced at Google. From there it spread across whole Silicon Valley and the most successful tech companies of our time are reaching their objectives with OKRs.

In this workshop our team will explain you all necessary details of OKRs. Afterwards we will help you to define your company and department OKRs and implement them with the help of Asana. This has the benefit, that every employee will see how his daily work relates to the company objectives and how important his own work is.

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