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Why Agile Project Management

Digital Transformation

Many industries are disrupted by the digital transformation. More and more work is organized in projects. Moreover, the complexity has increased a lot and the traditional waterfall approach does not work anymore.


Agile Management has successfully been used in software development, also known through the most popular framework SCRUM. There is much to learn from this for business units like marketing and operations.


Years ago, we started to take the most successful agile principles and practices from software development. We adapted and applied them to business units. The results were more successful projects in time and budget - and happier and more engaged employees.

Services for Agile Project Management

Consulting for Agile Management

You are not quite sure how the perfect agile project management looks like? You need an understanding of your status quo? You are not sure which project management tools and practices are right for you? You want to implement agile project management in your company? But you do not know how to win every stakeholder? Our team will explain you how and can guide you through the implementation.

Agile Project Management Trainings

We train your employees, regardless of whether they have never heard of agile project management before or they are experienced users. We create tailor-made trainings for you – from the basics to the real advanced stuff like burn-down and gantt charts. Every participant will get an official certificate in the end.

Agile Project Manager on demand

You want to start directly with agile projects but you cannot wait until your team is fully trained? You want to have a professional within your teams supporting and educating on the go? We have someone who can work in your office for the required projects. This expert will guide and lead your agile projects and on the way he can further train your employees.

What you need to enable agile project management

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We empower you within one day to work agile

Agile Project Management Trainings

We will train your employees how to work agile. We have developed an intense one day training with many practical exercises to guarantee that your employees understand the benefits and methods of agile project management. We developed an adapted version of SCRUM for business units like marketing and operations. Many companies do the mistake of just taking the popular SCRUM framework from software development and introducing it to their business units. This does not work of course, since the work and processes in a marketing or operations department are very different from software development.

Contact us and we guide you through the whole process.

#1 Goal setting framework

Lead your teams with Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

When you work agile, you lead and manage by objectives. This will motivate your colleagues because they can decide how to reach the objective instead of just doing what a manager said. Moreover, the people who are actually doing the job are usually the best to decide what needs to be done. The manager should act more as a guide and coach.

The most powerful goal setting framework ist Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). It was developed at Intel and became popular through its success at Google. From there it was introduced to the most successful companies of our time and is more and more adapted also by companies in Germany.

You can learn more about OKRs in this blog post.

Slack Header
#1 business communication platform

Empower your teams to communicate wherever they are with Slack

If you want your teams to work agile, they need to be able to communicate to each other very easily and without friction. The project manager also needs to be able to get information from other departments without asking the supervisors of the different departments. To enable fast and efficient communication, you need to leverage the #1 communication platform worldwide, which is used by the most successful companies of our time. You need to implement Slack for your people.

Read more about Slack here.

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Use the state of the art in project management

Manage all your work with the leading digital work platform Asana

If you want that your teams work agile, they need to be able to work independently and have full transparency. To guarantee that, you need to have a digital work platform, a software, where all projects, work items and requests are stored and prioritized. In software development this is the standard for a decade now. But in many business units like marketing and operations it is not. So before you can even start to roll out agile methods and practices, you need to implement a stable foundation with Asana.

Read more about Asana here.

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